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In collaboration with Hermann Kappelhoff and Jan Bakels (film studies, FU Berlin) we are developing new paradigms and experiments to investigate empirical media aesthetics. The interdisciplinary project thereby tries to combine the different theoretical frameworks from both disciplines to examine how film elicits emotional responses in the spectator. To answer this question we are investigating different aspects of films, e.g. the interplay between film and film music (PhD project Corinna Pehrs) or empirically test predictions of the eMAEX (electronically based media analyses of expressional movement images) film analytical framework that examines audiovisual shaping of emotion in film.

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-Pehrs, C., Deserno, L., Bakels, J.-H., Schlochtermeier, L., Fritz, T., Kappelhoff, H., Jacobs, A.M., Koelsch, S., Kuchinke, L. (subm). How music alters a kiss: anterior superior temporal gyrus controls fusiform-amygdalar effective connectivity.