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Some technical terms and abbreviations on my Home Page are only known to specific groups and not self explanatory. I try to improve your ability to understand the content of my writings with this glossary. If you would like me to add a term, please send me a suggestion.


a PC bus interface architecture
a PC bus architecture configuration model. The ISA bus card which are PnP (= Plug'n'Play) capable can be configured through software. This way, IO ports and interrupt conflicts can be solved in the operating system without changing jumpers on the card etc.
a common PC input device to play games. It consists of a stick which can be moved in all four directions (sometimes it can also be twisted for flight simulations) and of at least two buttons (also called fire buttons). Some Joysticks offer additional features, for example multiple buttons and throttles. PC joysticks are analog.
Windows 95
a graphical PC operating system, the successor of Windows 3.1, which is the successor of DOS. Because of its nature and history, it is very unstable and user unfriendly, but aggressive marketing pushed the success of it in the PC world, both, for private use and in the business area.

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