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What about the bandwidth?

I hate to waste ressources. So I make my web pages as compact as possible. If you really like to see many of pictures, you can use these thumbnails for direct access to every picture on my homepage. In addition, you get information about the pictures, just if you're curious. Then, you should pay attention to the source and the copyright information of the pictures you want to download.

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So give me these pics...

Own pictures

All these pictures are copyrighted under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


This is the Barnsley Fern, generated with XFractint 3.2, a Fractint port for Un*x-like systems as Linux.

fern.gif, 91*183 GIF87 (229 colors, 13 Kb)

Someone else's pictues

All the following pictures are owned and copyrighted by the respective copyright holder. See the information beneath the pictures for more details...


Debain GNU/Linux logo

This is the (un?)official Debian GNU/Linux logo. I got it from their main site. I think it is copyrighted under terms similar to the GNU GPL. As soon as I know more, I will add the information here.

I got the logo in *.jpg format, and changed it to *.gif to spare a few bytes. I think it is in *.jpg for copyright reasons, I'm sorry, but I don't know details. However, both versions are there to download.

debian.jpg, 204*51 JPEG (14 Kb)
[debian.gif, 204*51 GIF89 (5 Kb)]


Blue Ribbon

This is a logo of the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Free Speach Online.

rib_bar_wh.gif, 143*30 GIF (7 col, 752 Bytes)

HTML 2.0 validated

This is Webtechs logo for HTML 2.0 validated web pages. All my pages are HTML 3.2 conform, so I can wear this logo proudful.

valid_html.gif, 129*31 GIF87 (100 col, 1485 Bytes)

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