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Extreme Value Analysis Tool - EXANTO

    The program ExAnTo - Extreme Value Analysis Tool - is intented for the statistical analysis of samples (e.g. annual flood peaks) using statistical distribtutions and was developped during my time as research assistant at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

    The following distributions are available in ExAnTo:

  • Gumbel-Distribution
  • Generalized Extreme Value Distribution GEV
  • Weibull-Distribution
  • Log-Weibull-Distribution
  • Exponential-Distribution
  • Pearson III-Distribution
  • Log-Pearson III-Distribution
  • Gamma-Distribution
  • Normal-Distribution
  • Log-Normal-Distribution
  • 3-parametric Log-Normal-Distribution
  • Frechet-Distribution
  • 2-parametric Generalized Pareto Distribution
  • 3-parametrische Generalized Pareto Distribution

The parameters of the distributions can be estimated using the method of moments, L-moments or the maximum likelihood method. The quantiles of the distribution are calculated for selected return periods. Goodness-of-fit measures and confidence intervals are calculated with ExAnTo.

EXANTO is Freeware und can be downloaded from the web page of the Institute of Hydrology, Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering, Ruhr-Univerity Bochum .

Documentation (in German only)

Short documentation (in English)

Control file (in English)

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