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Statistics & Mathematics

For additional statistics links see also page Rrrrr.

  • Statistics in Hydrology Working Group STAHY-WG


  • High Performance Geostatistics Library HPGL
  • geoR: A package for geostatistical data analysis using the R software. Diggle, Peter J. & Ribeiro Jr, Paulo Justiniano (2006): Model-based Geostatistics. Springer Series in Statistics
  • Reinhard Furrer Robust Geostatistics

Statistical Analysis

  • Koutsoyiannis, D. Climate change, the Hurst phenomenon, and hydrological statistics
  • Kallache, M. Trends and Extreme Values of River Discharge Time Series. A package for geostatistical data analysis using the R software. Ph. D. thesis, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, 2007

Extreme Value Analysis

  • Extreme Value Analysis Tool :-) EXANTO
  • Guidelines for Determining Flood Flow Frequency: Bulletin 17B (CRC Press, 2000)
  • Flood Frequency Analysis Based on Bulletin 17B PeakFQ
  • Companion software for A.R. Rao and K. H. Hamed: Flood Frequency Analysis (CRC Press, 2000)
  • Webpage: Statistics of Weather and Climate Extremes
  • Software for Statistics of Weather and Climate Extremes
  • R-Package (with user interface) extRemes: Extreme value toolkit

Stochastic modeling

  • Computer software package that deals with the stochastic analysis, modeling, and simulation of hydrologic time series such as annual and monthly streamflows SAMS 2007

Time Series Analysis and Modelling

  • Hipel, K.W. & McLeod, A.I. (1994) Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems


  • Some tutorials, references, and research related to the Kalman filter The Kalman Filter

Bayesian Methods

  • Chris Volinsky Bayesian Model Averaging Home Page
  • Carmen Fernández, Eduardo Ley & Mark F.J. Steel Bayesian Model Averaging page
  • Infos zu BMA und R-Package BMS Bayesian Model Averaging in R
  • CRAN Task View Bayesian Inference


  • Bronstein et al.: Taschenbuch der Mathematik
  • Abramowitz, M.; Stegun, I.A.: Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
  • Wolfram MathWorld


  • A collection of Copula simulation and estimation codes
  • R-Package: Multivariate dependence with copulas copula
  • R-Package: Rmetrics - Dependence Structures with Copulas fCopulae
  • Copula Wiki
  • References on Copula Function topic STAHY-WG


  • A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis
  • Linksammlung Jacket's Wavelets

Weather Generator

  • Spatial climate scenario generator ClimGen
  • Stochastic weather generator LARS-WG
  • Generalized linear model weather generator GLM
  • Generalised Linear Modelling of Daily Climate Sequences GLIMCLIM
  • Stochastic weather generator which produces daily estimates of precipitation, temperature, dewpoint, wind, and solar radiation for a single geographic point Cligen
  • Surface weather generator for crop growth modelling Met&Roll, Surface weather generator conditioned on upper air circulation WeGet,
  • A spatial-temporal stochastic rainfall modelling system RainSim,
  • A Weather Generator for Hydrological, Ecological, and Agricultural Applications AWE-GEN (Advanced WEather GENerator),