Shibanxi/Jiayang Coal Mine, November 2002

Initially, I visited this place for 2 1/2 days with Bernd Seilers group ( A few days later, I went back there on my own for a one week and was based in the small (primitive is the right word - no shower, toilet outside) Guesthouse in Bagou, the last station before the terminus.

On the following pages, you will see my favorite pics of this line.

Non-gricers can jump here, to see what else is going on along the tracks.

More details about Shibanxi/Jiayang Coal Mine you can find, if you visit this essential site (Maybe you know it already).


At the bottom of the hills - Shibanxi.



Leaving Mifung.






Departure from Bagou ...



... and returning from the last strip to the terminus.



If the scooter doesn´t work, there is always the train.



Departure from Weijin.



Fixing the wires - with a steamer acting as workers platform.







In the horseshoe curve.



Duck delivery



The horseshoe - one of many pleasant sights on this gem of a railway.

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