The Total Solar Eclipse of 02/26/1998

photographed by Bernd Brinkmann, Herne (Germany) at Curacao

All images of the eclipsed sun were made through a Maksutov telelens with 1100 mm focal length @ f/10.5 attached to a Canon EOS 50E body on a modified old Polaris mount on Kodak Royal Gold 25 (left of center in the foreground). The exposure times varied between 1/250 sec. (contacts) and 15 sec. (corona at mid-eclipse).

A 28 mm lens with a fish eye converter on a tripod was used for wide angle photography (left in the foreground).

Unsere Beobachtungsplatz

Impression from our observing site north east of Westpunt during the partial phase.
kurz vor dem 2. Kontakt Short before the second contact ...
kurz vor dem 2. Kontakt ... a series of images ...
kurz vor dem 2. Kontakt ... with 0.5 seconds time intervals ...
kurz vor dem 2. Kontakt ... between them were made.
kurz vor dem 2. Kontakt Then the time is ready ...
der 2. Kontakt ... the 2nd contact !
der Diamantring The Diamond dring.
Ausschnitt einer bogenfoermigen Protuberanz Enlargement of a bow-like prominence.
Die Korona The Corona.
Fisheye-Aufnahme Fisheye image with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.
Fisheye-Aufnahme (dunkel) Same fisheye image as above with darker adjustment to bring out the twilight colours at the horizon.
Ausschnitt einer Protuberanz Small prominence with dark halo above it.
Nach dem 3. Kontakt. Bailey-Beads after the 3rd contact.
die letzte Chromosphaeren-Aufnahme The last picture of the Total Solar Eclipse of 26. February 1998.
Gruppenfoto Group picture of 14 successful and delighted german amateur astronomers after the eclipse.

Besides the solar eclipse there were some other points of interest: e.g. the historical district Punda of the capital Willemstad, ...

Christoffel-Berg Kakteen
... or the highest elevation of the island: the St. Christoffel mountain with its typical vegetation.
Karollenriff Curacao is also renowned for its ...
bunter Fisch ... fine diving and snorkling resorts,...
Hirnkoralle ... which the author visited with a camera ...
Hirnkoralle ... in a simple underwater bag.
2 Kofferfische But the fauna and flora wasn't the only thing that was photographed, ...
Der Autor als Portrait ... the author was also banished on film...
Tauchaufnahme des Autors a friend during his snorkling trips.

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first published: 02.04.98 by Bernd Brinkmann
last update (new arrangement of images, english text): 23.01.99 BB