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Bernd Brinkmann´s

Images of the Total Solar Eclipse on
Aug. 11th 1999

Our observations of the total solar eclipse near Shabla in northern Bulgaria were a total success.

With a group of 2 Dutch, 1 Canadian, 4 Bulgarian and 7 German amateur astronomers we were at a lonesome gravel path at 43°32'21" N and 28°33'59" E. The sky was totaly clear without any cloud. The corona was a typical maximum one with streamers in all directions. Also some bright prominences could be seen.

Here are the first images with the 500 mm and 1100 mm telelenses.
They were scanned with an 35mm slide scanner (Canon CanoScan FS 2710) at 2720 dpi with a colour depth of 36 bit, colour corrected and then reduced to 200 and 800 pixel heigth with 24 bit.
Slides on Fujichrome Velvia (RVP) were used with the 1100 mm lens and colour negativ film (Kodak Royal Gold 100) with the 500 mm telelens.

The pictures at the bottom of the page show my equipment which I used in Bulgaria at the shores of the Black Sea. On an old Polaris GEM rides the 1100 mm f/10.5 Maksutov-Telelens (here during setup tests at home). As a counterweight I use a Sigma APO-Telezoom (f=170 - 500 mm), which I use with 500 mm focal length.

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