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UW-Photography !
Taking photos under water cannot be compared to taking photos on the surface. When I took photos the first time, I realised that  about 70% of the pictures were "rubbish".... It is not very easy doing this underwater. When I had been in Hurghada, I have used the Sea&Sea Mx10-camera with the TTL-strobe. It is easy to use- even for beginners. Some time ago I have bought this camera. You can also buy special accessories like macro-lens, lens-caddy,close-up-lens etc. Check out for further details. I am very happy with this camera and soon I will try  to make some pictures of some lakes here in Germany.... but at the moment it is too cold and I do not have a dry-suit. 
 Specifications MX10 Camera  

 Type:35mm amphibious camera 
 Film format:36mm x 24mm 
 Lens:32mm F4.5(4 elements in 4 groups) 
 Angle of coverage:68degrees land,51degrees U/W 
 Aperture range : F4.5-F22 
 Focal distance:2.5m(8.25feet)-infinity(land),1.2m(4feet)-infinity(U/W) 
 Film speed:ISO 100 or 400 
 Shutter:Fixed at 1/100 second 
 Film counter:Automatic 
 Film rewind:Automatic 
 Exposure control:Manual 
 Exposure meter:Built in with LED display 
 LED display:Low exposure warning lamp, 
 flash ready light 
 Viewfinder:80% frame coverage,0.45 magnification 
 Electronic flash:Built in(GN 10/33(m/ft) land/ISO 100) 
 Power source:Two 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries 
 Maximum depth:45m (150feet) 
 Dimensions:159 x 94 x 71 mm (6.3 x 3.7 x 2.8") (W x H x D) 
 Construction:ABS molded polycarbonate 
 Accessories included:Strap,O-ring set. 



When I had been in Teos I have taken pictures with the Sea&Sea MXII-camera (same link). It is more expensive but it offers more possibilities concerning taking pictures. The camera is less easy to use for beginners and people who do not have any knowledge about photography. You can also buy special accessories which are better than those for the MX10.... especially the available strobes and macro-lenses. 
             Type:35mm amphibious camera 
              Film format:36mm x 24mm 
              Lens:35mm F3.5 (4 elements in 3 groups) 
              Aperture range : F3.5-F22 
              Angle of coverage:62degrees land,46degrees U/E 
              Focusing range:1m(3.3feet)-infinity 
              Minimum focusing distance 
              CU lens:0.5m(18 inches) 
              Film speed:ISO 50,100, or 400 
              set automatically with DX coded film 
              Film advance:Automatic 
              Film rewind:Motor driven 
              Shutter:Electronic shutter operates at 
              Exposure control:Manual or TTL 
              Exposure meter:Built in 
              LED indicators:Underexposure warning signal, 
              TTL confirmation,internal or external flash readiness 
              Electronic flash:Built in(GN 10/33(m/ft) land/ISO 100) 
              Viewfinder:Built in with 85% frame coverage,0.5 magnification 
              Power source:Two 1.5 volt AA batteries 
              Dimensions:160 x 112 x 70 mm (6.3 x 4.4 x 2.8") (W x H x D) 
              Weight:640g/22.4oz.(including batteries) 
              Maximum depth:45m (150feet) 
              Accessories included:Strap,O-ring set,batteries.
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