Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Knorrenschild


e-mail: michael.knorrenschild "at"

My areas of interest include:
  • numerical analysis, in particular of ODEs and DAEs
  • mathematical modelling and simulation, in particular ecological models
  • algorithms in digital image processing

Teaching Activities
Lehre (in German)

my list of (text)books on ecological modelling

last update Nov 27, 2018

Personal Information

Informationen zur-Ingmath-Workshop-Reihe (in German)

Mathematik in ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Studiengängen

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My books (in German)

Vorkurs Mathematik
4th ed., 2013

Numerische Mathematik
6th ed., 2017

Mathematik für Ingenieure, Band 1 published 2009

Mathematik für Ingenieure, Band 2 published 2014

last update: Oct 2, 2019