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Welcome to my homepage

Who am I : Sven Herbers-Lee, I received my M.A. from the Ruhr-University of Bochum with a thesis on Yin Haiguang (1919-1969) Yin Haiguang's concept of democracy.
What's new :
  • My pages are now viewable with any browsers -- I checked it on my Linux system with Mozilla (0.9.9), Netscape Navigator (Linux versions: 4.76 / 6.2.1) ,Lynx 2.8.3dev.9, and w3m beta-990323. (If Lynx and w3m can handle these sites, IEs should be able to do the same. :-) ).
    Please notice that the M16 still has some problems with "Auto Detect (East Asian)". If you activated this option, do not wonder why M16 believes that original euc-kr coded pages are chinese gb coded.

  • T'oegye Yi Hwang has now his own page ( --> section Korean Philosophers ).

Last updated : 03.02.2012

Since 31.08.1997

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