Further and unsolicited material, Links

Nigel G. Bean, Peter G. Taylor, and Ilze Ziedinds, Hidden Traps in Upgrading Telecommunications Networks

Kevin Murphy: The Prisoner's Dilemma. Eureka 51 (1992)

Kevin Kelly, Out of Control. Addison-Wesley

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  • Some links

    Gerard Bodyfee, Veren om van te leren
    Frank Kelly: Tarifs and Traffic
    Resource Allocation and Networking Games
    Kevin Kelly, Out of Control
    Hint by Robert Fourer
    word iQ - Encyclopedia

  • Links to examples and courses

    Éva Tardos, Price of Anarchy in Networks
    Mark Wainwright: A small road network
    course at umich
    Jane Hagstrom's web page on the paradox
    Link of The Virtual Center of Supernetworks
    Anna Naguerney, Network Economics: An Introduction