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Plasticity.msc is program for non-linear structural analysis. Program is written in Java. The following material models are implemented: Von Mises, Drucker-Prager, Cam-Clay, CASM and Linear elastic and two elements: (2D) bilinear quadrilateral 4-node element and (3D) hexahedral 8-node element.

Program can display yield surface and stress path for a given integration point. Following picture shows Drucker-Prager yield surface. Stress states colored in blue are in elastic domain, while red colored stress states are on the yield surface.

Since program is written in Java it is platform independent. It is also user friendly in many other aspects. In the following picture you can see force-displacement diagram for some DOF.

Additional material models or elements can be easily implemented. In order to implement new material model you only have to derive your class from AbstractConstitutiveLaw and implement the following two methods in your class:

public class NewMaterial extends AbstractConstitutiveLaw{

public double[] stressIntegration(double[] strainIncrement){
//returns stress

public double[][] getConsistentTangentOperator(double[] strainIncrement){
//returns consistent tangent operator


In the following picture CASM yield surface is shown. CASM stands for Clay And Sand Model and it is proposed by Yu H.S. Description can be found in Plasticity and geotechnics, Yu H.S., Springer 2006.

Finite element method

Here you can download some exercises in FEM:

Matlab scripts


Some programs in Java:


Download program for static and dynamic analysis of plane frames Linpro

Dynamics of structures

Download program that performs Fast Fourier Transformation.

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