The Standard of the Afghan Hound
in comparation with fotos of my own Afghan bitch Nausikaa's Vashira
and her judge's critiques from lots of expositions,
created by a fancier of Afghans

 Simply the plain text of the Standard??
Oh No!!                             How boring!!

If You are interested in 
1. the old type of Afghans in Germany - the VDOM Afghan Hound - and 
2. the practice of judge's critiques here in Germany 
I'll hope, You'll find this page interesting - just check it out for You!

The idea of this site:
To value the quality of a dog,
it should be compared with the standard.
That is the job of the judges:
They should compare the characteristics of a dog 
with the demands of the standard.
So written judges' critiques
should be helpful
to value the quality of a dog...

My project:
Take a dog,
set the demands of the standard next to its photos
have a look at the statements of written judges' critiques!

Please note:
This is NO illustration of the IDEAL AFGHAN HOUND.

--- For such a big project You would need dozens of fotos 
from various dogs out of all over the world
to consider all correct types of this heterogen breed
and nevertheless it would be a rather controversy matter ,
because there is - as You all know, of course - 
no real agreement on an "one and only ideal" of this unique breed!! ---

Instead of this:
Its a private project of a "newbee" whose site only
presents one specific representative of the breed
(namely the one I own myself
and is a bit different to the international types).

Because my bitch was shown in Europe
the critiques base on the standard of the FCI.
Note that the British standard is less detailed
than the ones of the U.S. and Australia.


A debate about the types and different outlooks
within the breed is not translated. 
You can view the silhouettes that describe 
what I mean on the German site 


Click here to go to the
illustrated standard