The Standards
of the Afghan Hound

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Smooth and springy with style of high order.
The gait of the Afghan Hound should be smooth and springy with a style of high order.  The head must be held proudly.  The tail is raised when in action.
GAIT:  When running free, the Afghan Hound moves at a gallop, showing great elasticity and spring in this smooth, powerful stride.  When on a loose lead the Afghan can trot at a fast pace; stepping along, he has the appearance of placing the hind feet directly in the foot prints of the front feet, both thrown straight ahead.  Moving with head and tail high, the whole appearance of the Afghan Hound is one of great style and beauty.
1.) General statements are like
excellent movement with beautiful attitude
to some
very beautiful/typical/(very)good movement,
beautiful/good carried head.
2.) According this point of standard the judges choose more often than in any other point individual phrases: 
wonderful free springy movement,
smooth and springy carriage with beautiful attitude,
movement extending and springy,
beautiful extending movement,
very good movement,
very beautiful smooth and extending movement,
vivacious and effortlessly springy movement,
effortlessly extending movement,
very easy beautiful movement with very much drive,
calm balanced movement,
very pleasant typical movement,
shows beautiful balance in movement,
very beautiful carriage with reach and drive and good attitude,
vivaciously extending movement with proud attitude,
extending powerful movement.
3.) further aspects:
stable/firm konverging gaits,
very much/good swing,
racy action,
dancing with proud attitude.
Perfectly sound coming:

You see the parallel legs with much space between
because of well arched ribbs and forechest.

Unfortunately no good photos in the sidegait. 
Succeeding a snapshot of the really right phase 
of movement is very difficult - as You all know.

This shot is too early: Frontleg not full extended so far, is going to reach out more. The hindleg has not fullfilled the stride either, but is going to kick off the ground a moment later. The other hindfoot is far away to step into the footprint of the frontfoot. Too early moment.
But You can see something else: Rather strong neck with marvellous floating into well layback of shoulder, short, very firm back and low tail set with heavy boned tail.

The lower photo shows that Shira is able to strech the forehand completely from the shoulder to the toe, the same behind:

Sidegait of my young bitch 
(6 month and two years of age):
coming and going:
Balanced movement with same reach and drive, fully extended, only lacking in attention at this moment
of snapshot  (trotting off-lead on top of a hill)

Gene 3 Jahre
Her attitude on loose lead at her show debut:
More about gait, shown in pictures of Gene

TAIL: Not too short. Set on low with ring at end. Raised when in action. Sparsely feathered. TAIL: Not too short.  Set on low with ring at the end.  Raised when in action.  Sparsely feathered.
TAIL: Tail set not too high on the body, having a ring, or a curve on the end; should never be curled over, or rest on the back, or be carried sideways; and should never be bushy.
Unfortunately Shira carries her tail without a closed ring at the end of her firm tail, which is
criticized often (phrases not listed here).

About posture:
proudly carried tail,
correct posture of tail,
correct set-on and posture.

Low tail set of my young:

COAT: Long and very fine texture on ribs, fore and hindquarters and flanks.  In mature dogs from the shoulder backwards and along the saddle hair short and close.  Hair long from forehead backwards, with a distinct silky top-knot.  On the foreface hair short. Ears and legs well coated. Pasterns can be bare.  Coat must develop naturally. COAT: Long and very fine texture on ribs, fore and hindquarters and flanks.  From the shoulder backwards and along the saddle the hair should be short and close in mature dogs.  Hair long from the forehand backwards, with a distinct silky top-knot.  On the face the hair is short as on the back.  Ears and legs well coated.  Pasterns can be bare.  Coat must be allowed to develop naturally.
COAT: Hindquarters, flanks, ribs, forequarters, and legs well covered with thick, silky hair, very fine in texture; ears and all four feet well feathered; from in front of the shoulders, and also backwards from the shoulders along the saddle from the flanks and the ribs upwards, the hair is short and close, forming a smooth back in mature dogs-this is a traditional characteristic of the Afghan Hound.  The Afghan Hound should be shown in its natural state; the coat is not clipped or trimmed; the head is surmounted (in the full sense of the word) with a topknot of long, silky hair-that is also an outstanding characteristic of the Afghan Hound.  Showing of short hair on cuffs on either front or back legs is permissible.
FAULTS:  Lack of shorthaired saddle in mature dogs.
All ranges from
excellent coat to an
large, well groomed coat to
(very) beautiful/(very) good coat.

COLOUR: All colours acceptable. COLOUR: All colours are acceptable.
COLOR: All colors are permissible, but color or color combinations are pleasing; white markings, especially on the head, are undesirable.
1.) red/light red
with black
/dark/beautiful mask.
2.) Variations:
red-blond, lion-coloured, shaded red,
blond, beige.

SIZE: Ideal height: dogs 68 - 74 cm (27 - 29 in), 
bitches 63 - 69 cm (25 - 27 in).
SIZE: Ideal height: Dogs 68 cm to 74 cm (27 to 29 inches),  Bitches 5 cm to 8 cm (2 to 3 inches) smaller.
HEIGHT: Dogs, 27 inches, plus or minus one inch; bitches, 25 inches, plus or minus one inch.
WEIGHT: Dogs, about 60 pounds, bitches, about 50 pounds.
Shira is meassured officially at 66 cm / 26 inches
- middle-sized = perfect size regarding FCI -
and weighs around 22 kg / 48 pounds
(though taller than the prefered ideal size
of the American standard, surprisingly too light in weight).
Gene is measured officially at 69 cm / 27 inches
- uppermost limit of the ideal size in the FCI -
and weighs at best 23 kg / 50 pounds
(on the one side too big regarding the American
standard, on the other faaar too light in weight).

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
Any appearance of coarseness.  Skull too wide and foreface too short.  Weak underjaw.  Large round or full eyes.  Neck should never be too short or thick.  Back too long or too short.
(see at the regarding places)

All 3 standards:
Males should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum
not possible in a bitch *smile*

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