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Recent (1993) research interests

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A practical analytical model based on the good old electrostatic probe theory has been developed for the dust-charging process . Using this model and numerical calculations, several earlier works on dusty plasmas, such as linear and nonlinear waves, plasma-wall interaction, and dust expansion, have been improved. By means of both the simple and improved models, problems of applicational interest are also studied.

Langmuir, ion-acoustic, and light waves in dusty plasmas [1-8]

Effect of impurity or dust particles on other plasma waves [11-13]

Expansion of low-temperature dust particles in a plasma [9]

Effect of dusts on plasma-wall interaction [10]

Double layers near walls


Exact solutions for electrostatic waves in cold plasmas confined by dielectrics [14-17]

Finite amplitude nonlinear surface waves at plasma boundaries [18-25]

Radiation arising from the plasma-maser effect [26,27]

Dissipative effects of collisions, ionization and electron mass variation on linear and nonlinear volume and surface waves in low-temperature plasmas [28-36]

Some of the above works have been included in a Physics Report [36] .

Chaos & patterns

Finding the ordered and chaotic behaviors of the Lorenz-Stenflo and generalized three-wave coupling equations. Integrability, Painleve conjecture, and other analytical and numerical exercises.


Studies on modern applications of theta and zeta pinches.


There are many, please see the reference list. Their crucial contributions are hereby (Inglish?) gratefully acknowledged.


The work done here have been financially supported by the Sonderforschungsbereich 191 Niedertemperatur Plasmen of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (BRD), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (BRD), the Foundation for Research and Development of South Africa, and the Academia Sinica (PRC).

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