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Java Books and Documentation

  • Online Tutorials
  • Guido Krüger, Thomas Stark Handbuch der Java-Programmierung
  • Christian Ullenboom Java ist auch eine Insel (8. Auflage)
  • Java 1.2 in 21 Tagen
  • Java-Online-Documentation C-LAB

Numerical Java Libraries

  • Collection of links about numerical libraries and projects in Java: JavaNumerics
  • Book: Hang T. Lau. A Numerical Library in Java for Scientists and Engineers
  • Classes for Nonlinear Optimization: FPL Statistics Group - Nonlinear Optimization Java Package
  • Classes for statistical analysis of data and statistical simulations: JSC-Java Statistical Classes
  • Java library for stochastic simulation (including a lot of statistical distributions): SSJ: Stochastic Simulation in Java
  • Classes for mathematics, linear algebra and optimisation: ojAlgo
  • Open Source Libraries for High Performance Scientific and Technical Computing in Java (my favorite library !!!): Colt-Projekt
  • Michael Thomas Flanagan's Java Scientific Library: Flanagans
  • A Java Matrix Package. Lineare Algebra mit Matrizen: JAMA


  • Neural Networks with java
  • Java neural network framework Neuroph

Graphic Libraries in Java

  • Java Plotter Ptplot 5.7
  • Chart2D
  • JFreeChart

Data Management

  • Handling NetCDF Files: Unidata NetCDF Java Library

User Groups

  • de.comp.lang.java
  • Java User Group Deutschland
  • comp.lang.java.programmer
  • comp.lang.java.help


  • General link collection for statisticians FPL Statistics Unit
  • Handling Excel files in Java JExcelAPI
  • The Ptolemy project studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems: Ptolemy II