Paper on Characterizations and Classifications of Argumentative Entailments - KR 2021

The paper Characterizations and Classifications of Argumentative Entailments by AnneMarie Borg, Ofer Arieli and Christian Straßer got accepted at KR 2021 as a full paper (full paper acceptance rate, 25%).

In this paper we provide a detailed analysis of the inference process induced by logical argumentation frameworks. The frameworks may be defined with respect to any propositional language and logic, different arguments that represent deductions in the logic, various support-based attack relations between arguments, and all the complete Dung-style semantics for the frameworks. We show that, ultimately, for characterizing the inference process with respect to a given framework, extension-based semantics may be divided into two types: single-extension and multiple-extension, which induce respective kinds of entailment relations. These entailments are further classified by the way they tolerate new information (nonmonotonicity-related properties) and maintain conflicts among arguments (inconsistency-related properties). Moreover, we show how the entailments induced by reasoning on the basis of maximal consistency, by Makinson’s default assumptions and by adaptive logics correspond to the entailments induced by specific classes of logical argumentation frameworks.