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Workshop on Formal and Cognitive Reasoning 2021-04-18

Christian join the Program Committee of FCR-2021 (The Workshop on Formal and Cognitive Reasoning) which will take place in Berlin, September 27 - October 1, 2021, in the context of KI-2021.

Talk at “Formal Models of Deliberation and Polarization” (Amsterdam) 2021-04-09

Dunja gave a talk on how to integrate biased and biased agents in our ArgABM at this most interesting workshop organized by Hein Duijf and Catarina Dutilh Novaes.

Call for PhD position in our group. 2021-03-06

We invite applications for a new PhD position in the group. The call is for all interested in some of the following topics: defeasible reasoning, non-monotonic logic, formal argumentation theory and deontic logics. The deadline is on 25th of April 2021.

Special Issue on Argument Strength is out. 2021-03-05

A special issue on Argument Strength is out now in Argument & Computation incl. a contribution by Jesse and Christian on a fragment of ASPIC (wihthout Undercut) that satisfies all rationality postulates (incl. non-interference) and has some nice connections to reasoning with maximal consistent sets of default rules.

Pursuit 2021 Workshop 2021-03-02

Dunja and Jamie Shaw (Toronto) organize an online workshop on pursuit. It will take place March 4–March 5 during the afternoons on zoom.

Reboot of the Website. 2021-02-25

The website is currently being rebooted.