Paper on Logic-based approaches to formal argumentation, IFCOLOG

The paper Logic-based approaches to formal argumentation got just published in the Journal of Applied Logics (ifcolog, here’s a link to the open access version). The paper will later on make also be featured in the handbook of formal argumentation. It is quite a read, with over 100 pages, but offers a thorough survey on results within logic-based approaches to formal argumentation. Here’s our abstract:

We study the logical foundations of Dung-style argumentation frameworks. Logic-based methods in the context of argumentation theory are described from two perspectives: (a) a survey of logic-based instantiations of argumentation frameworks, their properties and relations, and (b) a review of logical methods for the study of argumentation dynamics. In this chapter we restrict ourselves to Tarskian logics, based on (propositional) languages and corresponding (constructive) semantics or syntactic rule-based systems.