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10 April, 2012
NEW Office Hours !!!

Tuesday, 12 -13 pm
Please make an appointment via phone or email!

8 May, 2012
English Study Group

  • The programme for the summer semester 2012 has been put together (see below). Please contact Katie Walter if you would like to present or have suggestions for future reading sessions.
    All sessions take place in GB 5/37, 16 - 18h
    Please, find reading material on Blackboard "English Study Group" and
    contact Katie Walter for the password.

Summer Semester 2012 - Programme

  • Wednesday - 9 May 16-18h
    "Judith Butler: Discourse, Violence, and Vulnerability - A Discussion"
    Chair: Eva von Contzen
  • Wednesday - 6 June 16-18h
    Mark Freed: "Musil's Modernity: Hermeneutics or Archeology?"
    Chair: Sven Wagner
  • Wednesday - 4 July 16-18h
    Christian Werthschulte: "The Insurrection of the Signless? - An Attempt to Make Sense of the August 2011 Riots"
    Chair: N.N.

    All those working or studying in the English Department from MA level upwards are warmly invited to attend! Refreshments will be served, and we will head to Le Clochard to continue the conversation after meetings.
    For further details please contact Katie Walter.



  • Dr Katie L. Walter
  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    Department of English
    GB 6/37
    Universitätsstr. 150
    44780 Bochum
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