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(see below for information of how to read Japanese web-pages)

Ministry and and similar organisations:

Research institutions/Maglev:

Japan Railways Group:

Private Railways:

around Tokyo:

rest of Japan:




Private Pages:


single companies and lines around Tokyo:

single companies in other areas:

Railway modelling:

Other pages:

How to read Japanese web-pages with a non-Japanese operating system:

If your computer does not have a Japanese operating system, then you will not see anything else but "@ÌnºSÍAº" instead of kanji and kana characters on your screen. The Japanese characters come as JIS-codes, and so using a program that can work with these codes you will be able to see what is written there. I recommend JWP for that if you have Windows. Save the web-page on your harddisk as txt-format, then open this file in JWP. As JWP has a built-in dictionary, it is not difficult to understand the pages, even if you have only a very basic knowledge of Japanese. See Markus Gunske von Kölln's page Kanji in e-mail about information on this subject (also other operating systems than Windows) and links to download JWP. More links to sites about computer and Japanese on my Japan-page.

And if you do not want to do that, it is often worth loading Japanese web-pages, because there are very nice photos which can be seen using any operating-system!

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