Han'guk sasang-ga

Korean Philosophers

-- A Selected Bibliography --

  Yôhôn Chang Hyôn'gwang
  Hagok Chông Chedu
  Udam Chông Sihan
  Sambong Chông Tojôn
  Tasan Chông Yagyong
  Namdang Han Wônjin
  Tamhôn Hong Taeyong
  Nosa Ki Chôngjin
  (1798-1876) -- (euc-kr)
  Kobong Ki Taesûng
  Hasô Kim Inhu
  Maewôldang Kim Sisûp
  Yangch'on Kwôn Kûn
  Yônam Pak Chiwôn
  Sôgye Pak Sedang
  Hwadam Sô Kyôngdôk
  Ugye Sông Hon
  Uam Song Siyôl
  Hanju Yi Chinsang
  Hwasô Yi Hangno
  (1792-1868) -- (euc-kr)
  T'oegye Yi Hwang
  (1501-1570) -- (euc-kr)
  Yulgok Yi I
  Sôngho Yi Ik
  Pan'gye Yu Hyôngwôn
  Paekho Yun Hyu

When I published parts of this bibliography for the first time in 1997, the best online bibliography concerning the Korean history compiled by Ken Robinson was still in its infancy, as was The Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography.
Now, six years later both projects seem to be finished. The Korean History Bibliography contains a chapter Religion and Philosophy: Confucianism, in which you can find more general literature concerning Korean philosophy, but be cautious, some of the titles listed in English are only available in Korean. The Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography contains now more than 80,000 references on Korea, but is only available on CD. The majority of these references are Enlglish language works. According to the system requirements, the users unfortunately need a Macintosh or Windows machine, but I assume that the Linux users who ended up here know how to cope with this.

If you are just looking for a good starting point, I would like to recommend the following two books :

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