T'oegye Yi Hwang

-- An Introduction --

  T'oegye Yi Hwang
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T'oegye Yi Hwang's major works include :
성학십도 聖學十圖 The Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning
삼경사서석의 三經四書釋義 Annotations on the Four Books and Three Classics
주자서절요 朱子書節要 Outline and Explanations of the Works of Zhu Xi
심경석의 心經釋義 Commentary on the Scripture of the Heart
송계원명이학통록 宋季元明理學通錄 History of Neo-Confucianism in the Sung, Yuan and Ming Dynasties
퇴계상제예담문 退溪喪祭禮答問 T'oegye's Questions and Answers on Funeral and Ancestral Rites
도산기 陶山記 Tosan Records
고경중마방 古鏡重磨方 On the method of learning ancient sage
주자행장집주 朱子行狀輯注 Treatise on Zhu Xi
퇴계무진봉사 退溪戊辰封事 An Opinion on Politics
자성록 自省錄 Personal Reflections
사칠속편 四七續篇 The Four-Seven Debate

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