This research team at the Ruhr University in Bochum is pursuing a synthetic, bio-inspired approach to studying autonomous chemical systems exhibiting Molecular Information Processing. This involves multidisciplinary basic research (coupling theory and experiment) into the nature of evolutionary and molecular self-organization and its applications to Living Technology and Information Processing for Molecular Systems, embracing the three rapidly expanding technologies: Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT) and Nanotechnology (NT). 

We were the first group to employ microfluidics to construct spatially structured environments to study molecular evolution. In recent years we have moved from these continuing lab-on-a-chip type investigations to investigate microscopic electronic-chemical agents that can act within chemical solutions in intelligent ways at the same space scale as cells.

The group’s main source of  funding is by its involvement in public grant projects. 

Current research projects are:

Projects recently completed at the Ruhr University include:

A lasting product of the EU-funded PACE project has been the establishment of the European Centre for Living Technology in Venice, of which the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is a member and John McCaskill a founding director and now member of the Science Board. In addition we have been involved in developing a large ICT flagship initiative on Sustainable Personal Living Technology (SPLiT).

Artificial cell design is one area which pushes the limits of our ability to understand and utilize self-organizing chemical systems.  BioMIP is building custom microscopic environments for such complex chemical systems with electronic control using digital MEMS technology.

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