Prof. McCaskill's teaching activities at RUB involve

  • A weekly research seminar in Microsystems Chemistry and Bio-IT. 
  • Supervision of bachelor and masters theses.
  • Supervision of Ph.D. students.
  • Multidisciplinary and Masters Level Courses

Current graduate courses offered (2016):

  • Chemical Information Systems (Masters, 5CP) 181847
  • Unconventional Computation using MICREAgents: (summer school)

Some Past Courses Offered:

  • Molecular Evolution in Evolvable Hardware
  • Computational Models of Evolutionary Molecular Self-Organisation
  • DNA Computing
  • Evolving reaction diffusion systems
  • Evolving Multiphase Molecular Systems
  • Minimal Living systems
  • Blueprint for an Artificial Cell:  (summer school)

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