FPFA concepts

BioMIP's microsystem group has developed a variety of FPFA (Field Programmable Fluid Array) concepts for biomolecular transport control using digital pulsed electric fields.

Silicon based FPFA biochip


A silicon based high integration FPFA containing parallel fluidic connections  supplying the microfluidic module on the far left. Designed and built for the  PACE project by the RUB-BioMIP team  at our previous labs hosted by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

The FPFA supports parallel digital electronic control of biochemical processes by multi-electrode sets at multiple microscale sites mediated by an integrated FPGA chip.

PCB based FPFA - patented biochip technology


Lower level integration device (“BioPCB”) for rapid prototyping based on multilayer polyimide PCB (printed circuit board) substrates.

The circuit board is surface post-processed to allow both electrode contacts to the microfluidic system and a proper sealin gof microfluidic channels.

LTCC based FPFA - multilayer biocompatible biochip

“BioCera” chip based on
micromachining of LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramics) allowing the manufacturing of stacks containing more than 10 layers.

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