The COBRA Project 

"Coordination of Biological and Chemical IT Research Activities"

is a Coordination Action (CA), running from 2010-2013 under the FET Proactive Initiative     Biolological and Chemical Information Technologies (CHEM-IT).

The primary role of the BioMIP group at the Ruhr University Bochum was to coordinate the construction of a roadmap for the ChemBioICT area. This roadmap can be found here, or on the project web pages above. 

Preamble to the roadmap:

"In stark contrast with current computer technology, biological cells compute in construction using molecular and spatial information, in order to delimit, organize, power, sustain, repair, move, communicate, reproduce, protect and evolve themselves robustly from simple and scarce material and energy resources in their complex environments.

Mastery and adaptation of this programmable self-production capability with novel chemicals, information, architectures, environments and objectives will lay the basis for the sustainable, biocompatible and personalized intelligent device construction and sustainable engineering of the future. This major goal requires a dedicated roadmap of activities spanning from synthetic chemistry and synthetic biology to physical self-assembly and embedded evolving artifacts and systems, involving information processing and production at multiple scales.

Apart from the project web page above, here is the EU page for COBRA.

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