EvoSelf - evolving amphiphilic systems

Evolving self-assembling physico-chemical systems provide a key to exploiting life-like properties of collective information processing via molecular structures. The EvoSelf simulation platform is based on the lattice model abstraction of complex fluids for describing their dynamic structural self-assembly. This framework has been very successful in accounting for the equilibrium phase diagrams of amphiphile systems. The EvoSelf platform extends the homogeneous physical lattice models by

1. allowing local interactions to be modulated by the presence of combinatorial chemicals exhibiting hydrophobic, hydrophilic or amphiphilic properties.

2. introducing a coupled reactive dynamics of these combinatorial chemicals

The initial Widom-based version of the platform was developed by J. McCaskill, N.H. Packard, S.Rasmussen and M.A. Bedau [1]. Subsequently extended versions of the platform have been developed by J.S.McCaskill to address explicit amphiphile states and combinatorial recognition in amphiphile self-assembly.

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